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6 Tasty Foods That Will Help You Cut Fat and Build Muscle

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Before starting a workout routine, it’s important to think about how you will fuel your body before and after a workout. To help you fuel your body with food that will improve your stamina and strength, you should keep these 6 foods in your fridge at home or work . . .

1. Canned Salmon (Packed in Water)
Canned white tuna and salmon are great ways to quickly get protein into your body. The benefit of salmon is that you don’t have to worry about consuming the 3X level of mercury in tuna. And you’ll probably enjoy the taste of salmon over tuna.

2. Green Tea
Instead of drinking a cup of coffee, drink a cup of green tea instead. You see, a 2009 study in the Journal of Nutrition revealed that green tea has been shown to help your overall health and also reduce abdominal fat. Try and drink several cups of green tea everyday.

3. Soybeans
Soybeans have lecithin, which helps your cells accumulate less fat. Simply eating some soybeans everyday will help you stay full, and cut fat from your diet.

4. Apples
The Pectin in apples helps your cells absorb less fat, and also helps your body absorb the water in foods (which will help your body release fat).

5. Citrus Fruits
Fruits rich in Vitamin C and fiber (lemons, guava, grapefruit, tangerines) have fat burning properties, and can keep you less hungry.

6. Almonds and Other Nuts
Nuts have good fats that can keep you full, and also helps your body reduce your liver’s production of LDL cholesterol by over 30% and increseas good HDL cholesterol by 11%.

Recommended Reading
Diet and Health: What Should We Eat (PDF) – Science Journal, 1994

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